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Battery PA Systems for sale

Great system for wedding celebrants

 Prices vary with configuration so let us know your needs and we'll do a custom price for your system.


Chiayo Stageman - 8" speaker - good for crowds of around 100 to 200 (really good option for most celebrants or demonstration / presenters)

Chiayo Focus - 6" speaker - good for crowds of around 50 to 100.  Very light-weight

Chiayo Challenger - (pictured here) 10" speaker - Bit heavier (20kg) good for crowds of around 100 to 200, but has a better bass response (fuller sound) if you are using regularly for music playback.

Chiayo is a good quality reliable brand with 5 year warrantee. 


  • CD player, which can also play MP3 files. 

  • up to 4 wireless microphones in any combination of hand-held and head-worn.

  • Bluetooth receiver

  • Tripod Stand


  • You can also connect you MP3 player or laptop to it with a supplied adapter lead.

  • You can set it so that the CD music automatically turns down when someone starts talking through the microphone.

  • The batteries will run for 3 to 6 hours depending on if it being used for music or just speech and also depending on how loudly you run it.

Slim-line Head-worn microphone option also available.

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